We currently have a Quality Management System in accordance with the standard:


UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015


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ELMECSAL, a leading company in the manufacture and sale of industrial automation, turning, milling and precision machining in the province of Salamanca, focuses on the Quality System as a way to organize its business life, basing it both on its orientation towards customers as towards their works as well as the rest of the interested parties such as Senior Management, Workers, Suppliers and society as towards their products. This approach is especially based on the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of its Quality Management System and Customer Satisfaction based on the context of the organization and on a strategic direction.


For this reason, the Management declares that the Quality Management System is in itself a strategic and priority objective for the company, based on:


QUALITY is an aspect in the desire to maintain a competitive position within the national market. ELMECSAL offers a GLOBAL SERVICE to provide its clients with an EFFECTIVE response in the area of ​​identification and marketing of their products, through labels and other identification and distinction elements.


QUALITY is obtained not by inspecting, but by planning, executing, reviewing and improving the Management system to prevent possible errors.


QUALITY is oriented towards the SATISFACTION OF ALL OUR CUSTOMERS through personalization, seeking direct treatment to ensure that the products and services offered are those that are actually required. It is the responsibility of the entire organization to meet the needs and requirements set by customers, complying with delivery deadlines, as well as with the legal and regulatory requirements related to the service and the product.


QUALITY is supported by a CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT PLAN of both the processes and the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, in which PREVENTING errors is a fundamental aspect. In this effort to improve, ELMECSAL has undertaken to develop and implement a system of Certified Quality by an Approved Entity for this purpose.


QUALITY directs us to pay maximum attention to technological evolution. This leads us to be in constant contact with entities provided with state-of-the-art tools that ensure the updating of the materials used.


QUALITY requires the participation and collaboration of EVERYONE, so it is essential to take into account MOTIVATION, TRAINING AND COMMUNICATION. Having as an essential requirement a strategy that guarantees good communication and collaboration between all the personnel that make up the processes.


QUALITY is oriented towards the satisfaction of our employees, starting from a welcome that provides the necessary training and awareness. As well as implementing a plan for the development of responsibilities and functions. ELMECSAL workers are participants in everything that applies to occupational risk prevention measures and work optimization systems.


For the effective application of these principles, support for them by both the management team and the entire workforce, as well as senior management, partners, suppliers and customers, is absolutely necessary.